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Daily Trader Toolkit 2016

Daily Trader Toolkit 2016

Daily Trader Toolkit 2016 is a stock price behavior analysis software. It automates and speeds up the processes of free historical data retrieval, normalization, re-sampling and report creation for multiple stocks at the same time. The software filters out the noise from the historical data and uses the relevant price points to make price and time projections. These projections are represented in the form of well structured reports. The reports are made of dashboards, tables and easy to decipher charts using clear and unbiased visual references. It also makes many calculations based on well established mathematical and statistical models in order to provide useful metrics. The software introduces a set of new risk analysis techniques using pattern recognition and high to low probabilistic relationships. The software is complemented by a series of tutorials posted periodically in our website.

Daily Trader Toolkit 2016 was designed to be used as a learning and experimentation software. It is not suitable for trading. Many of the used techniques are still being evaluated and actively developed.

Software Features

Historical Data Download

The software downloads the free end of day historical data from several finance websites. When the markets are open it also downloads near real time data updates.

Data Normalization and Re-sampling

The historical data is then checked, normalized and sanitized from known discrepancies that may arise after splits or reverse splits. The new daily, weekly and monthly historical data files are then generated.


The new historical data files are then used to generate the reports and custom charts. The reports are made of components (dashboards, tables, charts and graphs). Each component is available in the three time frames whenever the amount of historical data allows it.

Stock Evaluation and Comparison

The software generates a spreadsheet with all the stocks defined in the watch list. The stocks can then be compared based on different metrics like: potential gain or loss, price position in the channel, etc. All the metrics are available for the three time frames: daily, weekly and monthly.

Sample Reports and Charts

AAPL full report generated on March 30, 2017

AAPL daily chart generated on March 30, 2017

AAPL weekly chart generated on March 30, 2017

AAPL monthly chart generated on March 30, 2017

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