$FIT Update July 20, 2017

Daily Analysis The daily candlestick analysis report is showing a 79% probability $FIT will close lower than the previous close. The price target is $5.72 if it closes lower; in the other hand, if the bulls prevail, the price target is $5.87 (checkout the Daily Projections Chart below)   Weekly Analysis The Weekly Projections Chart […]

$FIT Weekly Candlestick Analysis – Big drop ahead

When the weekly candlestick pattern of$FIT is compared to $IBM and $AMD historical patterns, the best matching patterns show a large drop on the next week. The below screenshots speak for themselves.   $FIT weekly price target in case of a drop is $4.67 Generated by Daily Trader Toolkit

$FIT what to expect next

$FIT daily chart is becoming more bullish as the price reached a new high last Thursday May 4th. On Friday the price pulled back with an expected bottom around Wednesday May 10th with a close at or above $6.12. In the mean time I am expecting the $5.86 gap to be closed on Monday May […]

How to Create a Trading Strategy

Many stock traders dive into trading without having a strategy. This approach can be very costly in terms of money, time and stress. A trading strategy is defined based on a mathematical formula that calculates a projected gross gain out of the following parameters: C: The initial trading capital. T: The cost of a buy or […]