$FIT Projections (4/2/17)

Daily Projections

Two important things to watch for in this daily chart:

  • The breakout of the daily descending channel.
  • The bullish moving averages crossover: EMA8, EMA13 and SMA20

if the up trend continues we should expect a close at or above $6.01 on Monday 4/3/17.

$FIT Daily Chart 3/31/17

$FIT Daily Chart 3/31/17

Weekly Projections

Two important things to watch next:

  • $FIT had a close on Friday above the weekly descending channel even though the volume did not show¬†a lot of conviction.
  • $FIT has traded below EMA8 for many weeks, any trades above it would be a very bullish sign if backed by a stronger volume.
$FIT Weekly Chart 3/31/17

$FIT Weekly Chart 3/31/17

Monthly Projections

The month of march has closed at the bottom of the monthly channel; from the monthly prospective it looks like the price decline has decreased significantly and might signal a bottom; if so we might see a bounce back to $9.18 by end of may 2017.

$FIT Monthly Chart 3/31/17

$FIT Monthly Chart 3/31/17


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